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Category: : Main Delphi دلفي English Click me if you want to minimize this block
Visit  Indy In Depth Popular Last Update: 2005/9/4 12:27

Part III Introduction to Sockets 19
Indy in Depth I
Part IV Introduction to Indy 28
Part V Blocking vs Non-Blocking 31
Part VI Introduction to Clients 38
Part VII UDP 44
Part VIII Reading and Writing 52
Indy in Depth III
Part IX Detecting Disconnects 62
Part X Implementing Protocols 68
Part XI Proxies 79
Part XII IOHandlers 83
Part XIII Intercepts 87
Part XIV Debugging 90
Part XV Concurrency 92
Indy in Depth V
Part XVI Threads 100
Part XVII Servers 108
Part XVIII SSL - Secure Sockets 126
Part XIX Indy 10 Overview 130
Indy in Depth VII
Part XX Bonus Materials 141
Part XXI About the Authors 152

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