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Main Tech كتب تقنية متفرقة English

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Category: : Main Tech كتب تقنية متفرقة English Click me if you want to minimize this block
Visit  Software Craftsmanship: The New Imperative Popular Last Update: 2005/3/15 18:05
I: Questioning Software Engineering

1. Understanding Software Engineering
2. The Problems with Software Engineering
3. Understanding Software Development
4. Finding a Better Metaphor Than Software Engineering

II: Software Craftsmanship

5. Putting People Back into Software Development
6. Craftsmanship Is the Opposite of Licensing

III: Implications of Software Craftsmanship

7. How Craftsmanship Affects the Users of Systems
8. Customers Have a Different Relationship with Craftsmen
9. Managing Craftsmen
10. Becoming a Software Craftsman
11. Mastering the Craft
12. Apprentice Developers
13. Journeymen Developers

IV: Repositioning Software Engineering

14. Software Engineering Projects
15. Hazards of the Software Engineering Metaphor
16. Learning from Software Engineering

V: What to Do on Monday Morning

17. Experience—The Best Indicator of Project Success
18. Design for Testing and Maintenance
19. Perpetual Learning

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